OXO Kitchen Spatulas

Spatulas by OXO all in one place

OXO spatulas are fun

We need to share some of the fun information about the OXO company, who have provided these great kitchen tools for Spatula Mart.

Why called OXO?

OXO’s founder, Sam Farber, chose the name “OXO” because whether it’s horizontal, vertical, upside down or backwards, it always reads “OXO.”  It is pronounced “Ox-Oh.”, but we hear a lot of interpretations of the pronunciation of the name, the most common being “hugs & kisses” or “Oh-X-Oh.”

More than 850 OXO Products:

With nearly 100 employees worldwide and headquarters in New York, the OXO company distributes more than 850 products. Here at Spatula Mart, we offer most of their great spatulas and other great kitchen tools.  OXO’s philosophy is to design and create products that are easy to use for the widest possible spectrum of users. The professional chef or the home cook will find the OXO products to be a great addition to the kitchen.

OXO Guarantee:

They guarantee everything we make! This is why Spatula Mart is proud to include these great products in our markets. If for any reason you are not satisfied with an OXO product, return it for replacement or refund. Spatula Mart uses Amazon to fulfill all sales and customer service of the OXO product line.

OXO Location:

The Starrett-Lehigh Building is Chelsea’s largest and most prominent building. One city block long by one avenue wide, thelandmark Starrett-Lehigh Building originally had a railroad running through it when built in 1932. Today the building is the home of OXO as well as a number of fashion, media & arts tenants. New York City’s new Highline Park is just a block away, and the fabulous tenth floor view of the Hudson River is the icing on our office cake! We even bore witness to the famous landing of US Airways Flight 1549.

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