Selection of rubber spatulas, rubber turners and rubber flippers

Rubber Spatula like a Jack O’Lantern

Halloween rubber spatula is holiday fun Thinking of whipping up some spooky holiday treats on the scariest night of the year?  Choose this unique rubber spatula for making up spiderweb cookies, or for those fun mummy treats, and don’t stay with a boring kitchen spatula. Why just flip when you can flip up fun with […]

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Spatula City is Fiction – Spatula Mart is Real

Spatula City from Weird Al’s Imagination The creative brain of “Weird Al” Yankovic produced some very funny stuff through the years. In the late 80’s he collaborated on a film called UHV. In the film there was a fictional place of business that was called Spatula City. It was a mega-store for nothing but spatulas […]

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Fred Batterfinger Rubber Spatula

A rubber spatula perfectly named for batter mixing There is really something special about a rubber spatula for mixing good cake batter, but when the name of the spatula fits so well, it is really magic! The Fred Batterfinger spatula has a fun name and a very unique shape. A Rubber Spatula Finger This is […]

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