Selection of wooden spatulas, wooden flippers and wooden turners.

Spatula City is Fiction – Spatula Mart is Real

Spatula City from Weird Al’s Imagination The creative brain of “Weird Al” Yankovic produced some very funny stuff through the years. In the late 80’s he collaborated on a film called UHV. In the film there was a fictional place of business that was called Spatula City. It was a mega-store for nothing but spatulas […]

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The Wooden Spatula from Mexico – Pala de Madera

A wooden spatula used in Mexico This wood flat paddle spatula is ideal for stirring up your next pot of Mexican soup or flipping the extra-large tortilla right off the grill. This wooden tool is more of a mixing spatula than a flipper. The extra-long handle of this wooden spatula and spoon combo will ensure […]

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