The 5 Best Fish Spatulas for 2013

The 5 Best Fish Spatulas for 2013

Fish spatulas make flipping easy

If you love fish, then cooking it right is very important to you. The key to fish baking success is keeping the tender skin in one piece during the flipping process. And the turning becomes much easier when you choose the correct spatula for the job. Today you are in luck, because the fish spatula is perfect for flipping fish in the pan or on the grill.

Five great fish turners

These five fish spatulas are the best that we could find in the Spatula Mart markets. We hope that you will find your favorite new kitchen tool for your fish cooking pleasure.

Fish spatula or fish turner by VictorinoxThe Victorinox Slotted Fish Turner is a professional chef’s favorite, but is perfect for serious home cooks as well. With its 3-Inch by 6-Inch arched blade made of restaurant-quality stainless steel and elegant walnut handle the fish spatula is a worth the investment. The long slots allow easy draining for cooking fluids and make for a gentle flex for slipping under the tender meat.

The Victorinox spatula is created by the same company that builds the Swiss Army Knife, so the workmanship is of the highest quality. You can proudly display this professional-grade fish spatula in your kitchen tool collection…

Pelton Spatula

Pelton fish spatulas by Master chefIf you seek a modern and sleek fish spatula, the Pelton design spatula should fit nicely in your kitchen decor. In this style, we suggest the Matfer Bourgeat Pelton Spatula with its full 12 inches of length and heat resistants up to 430F degrees. This spatula can be thrown into the dishwasher for clean-up with a worry. It is very forgiving and is equally at home turning fish or flipping burgers.

The slotted blades of this fish spatula provide the needed drainage when lifting the meat from the juices in the pan and gets rave reviews for its comfortable handle, long blade, and exceptional performance. Because of the slippery plastic and “exoglass” construction, the spatula flips fish without scarring the delicate flesh and it is safe for use in nonstick pans.

OXO Good Grips Spatula

OXO Good Grips Fish TurnerPut this fish spatula into the category of all blade – little handle… The soft grip handle fits nicely in the hand, but the extra large and flexible blade makes this a real treat to use.  The handle to turner blade connection is made of a stainless steel heavy-gauge wire that even adds to the flex in the pan.

The OXO company prides itself on producing kitchen tools that are designed for hands to hold. The OXO line of spatulas and turners use the soft-grip design that home-cooks have come to give high marks in the reviews.

 Offset Fish Spatula by Outset

Outset QB59, Rosewood Slotted Fish SpatulaThe Outset company takes a unique angle with their rosewood handled spatula. They turn the blade sideways and use an offset in the handle to make sliding under the fish a bit easier. There is not as much flex with this design, but it does allow for the turning of larger pieces of meat without fear of tearing.

This Outset Rosewood Slotted Fish Spatula will come in very handy when grilling and is a more universal food turner for your kitchen tool collection.

Fun Fish Turner from Charcoal Companion

Charcoal Companion Angler Fish Grilling SpatulaWe had to put this fun and unique spatula into the top 5 this year… Every angler who cooks a fish will appreciate the fishing rod styled grip and the fish shaped blade.
At a full 22-inches long, it will be perfect for grilling fish on the barbeque! Plus, you will really impress  your friends with your fish spatula shopping chops…

2013 the Year of the Spatula

Choose any one of the top 5 fish spatulas this year and continue to add to your collection of great kitchen tools in 2013. You deserve to cook with the inspiration that having the right tool for the job.

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