Pyrex Mixing Bowls – Smooth Mixing Spatula Love!

Pyrex Mixing Bowls – Smooth Mixing Spatula Love!

Cooks fall in love with the smooth feel of Pyrex bowls

Pyrex Mixing BowlsSpatula Mart is proud to share the smooth mixing pleasure of Pyrex bowls. Your mixing spatula will glide easily along the smooth sides of the Pyrex mixing bowl as you fall in love with these great kitchen tools.

What is a Pyrex mixing bowl?

Pyrex was introduced by Corning Incorporated  in 1915 and was quickly turned into Pyrex mixing bowls and kitchenware. Technically Pyrex is low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass, but that would be hard to put in the packaging, so it is known as Pyrex.

Pyrex bowl Licensing

Corning stopped manufacturing the Pyrex-branded borosilicate glass kitchenware and bake-ware in the US some time ago, but the name continues on in licensing. The most notable producer of modern Pyrex is World Kitchen, LLC. but you might see Pyrex under the following names: “Fire King”, “Anchor Hocking”, “Glasbake”, “Pyr-o-Rey”, “Termocrisa”, “Fry Ovenware”, “Silex”, “GE”, “Universal”, “Cafex”, “Chemex”, “Aloa”, “Melitta”, “Salton”, “Hamilton Beach”, and “Gemco”.

Spatulas love Pyrex mixing

It really doesn’t matter the brand name that you choose for your Pyrex because your spatula will love mixing in these silky smooth bowls. Today the Pyrex mixing bowls have colorful lids and cool handles that make them easier to love. Take some time to explore the mixing bowl markets here at Spatula Mart for your next great kitchen too, and try some Pyrex – Your spatula will thank you!

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