Wilton Angled Spatulas, With Black Handles

Wilton Angled Spatulas, With Black Handles

The offset or angled spatula from Wilton

Wilton 9 inch angled spatula

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The black industrial plastic handles of the 9-inch or 13-inch angled Wilton spatulas allow for a firm grip as you spread frosting on your baked goods. Some call these unique kitchen tools offset and some say angled. Ether way, the bend in the blade makes them a joy to use for spreading.

Wilton 9 inch spatula

The Wilton 9 Inch Angled Spatula, With Black Handle is more useful for frosting a typical cake than many larger offset spatulas. At 4 1/2 inches the stainless steel blade is just the right length to keep you from bending your elbow and twisting your body to use it. You will also love the “thumb” impression on the black plastic handle. It helps you to better control the spatula movement.

Most of the Spatula Mart product descriptions refer to the length of the entire spatula, including the handle, thus it is called a 9″ angled spatula.

Wilton 13 inch offset spatula

For larger surfaces a longer blade will come in handy, so the Wilton 13 Inch Angled Spatula With Black Handle will be the tool for these baking projects. The 13 inch angled spatula is a great frosting tool for baking. There are no sharp or rough corners and the rounded handle feels just perfect in your hand. It is not too thin and it is not too thick. The angle feels just right for easy spreading of the icing either on the top or around the cake. The black plastic handle is easy to wash in the dishwasher and the stainless steel spatula blade has a great spring to it. The 13 inch angled spatula with the offset makes working with larger pastries like strudels a snap.

Once you add an set of angled or offset spatulas to your kitchen tool collection, you will be one step closer to top pastry chef status.

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