Wilton Jumbo Cookie Offset Spatula

Wilton Jumbo Cookie Offset Spatula

A jumbo cookie-flipping offset spatula

Cookie spatula from WiltonIf you bake any over-sized cookies then getting them off the baking sheet and onto the cooling rack will be a sweet experience with this great big offset spatula blade.

This super-sized spatula is just the thing for turning big items on your pans and it makes the process soooo easy. The thin stainless spatula slides effortlessly under your cookie and the steel is easy to clean too. The Wilton Jumbo Cookie Spatula is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake cookies or needs to flip big food items during frying.

You will love the size and feel of this cookie spatula because it is by far the best spatula to get cookies off of a cookie sheet. The handle is easy to hold on to and your cookie sheets will be easier to clean when you switch to this offset spatula.

Wilton’s quality offset spatulas

This cookie flipping monster is made by Wilton, a leader in quality offset spatulas. The generously sized spatula measures 1.3 x 4 x 13.8 inches, making it great for handling multiple or over-sized cookies, brownies, pastries and large treat bars. The Wilton easy-grip handle fits your hand perfectly and helps to balance large cookies and desserts as you move them on the offset stainless blade. Once you bring this specialty spatula into your kitchen you will find all sorts of great uses for this tool.

Go ahead and treat yourself to this sweet jumbo-sized cookie spatula and then while you are shopping, add the matching Wilton Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack to help those great cookies to cool.

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