Pizzacraft Wedge Shaped Pizza Pie Slice Spatula

Pizzacraft Wedge Shaped Pizza Pie Slice Spatula

The wedge shaped pizza spatula by Pizzacraft

Pizza spatula wedgeYou need to own one of these pizza servers spatulas! Other regular spatulas are never quite large or sturdy enough to capture that hearty pizza slice. This is heavy duty pizza spatula is more than up to the taskĀ  for a super-size thick crust pizza section.

Pizza Spatula Shapes

When we talk pizza spatulas, we usually think big round blades to slide under the entire pie. But the Pizzacraft Wedge Shaped Stainless Steel Pizza/Pie Slice Server with Soft Grip Handle is unique because of the wedged-blade. This is why it is billed as a pie slice spatula or a triangle pizza spatula. Pizzacraft’s pizza slice server blade is shaped just like a slice of pizza. This shape makes it easy to cut and to serve your personal pizza slices with great ease. And the soft grip handle on the spatula provides excellent grip for cutting or lifting the pie pieces. This pizza spatula is the perfect size and shape for serving up your favorite pizza slices with ease. Your kitchen tool collection must include one of these great spatulas!

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