Fred Batterfinger Rubber Spatula

Fred Batterfinger Rubber Spatula

A rubber spatula perfectly named for batter mixing

Rubber spatula - Fred BatterfingerThere is really something special about a rubber spatula for mixing good cake batter, but when the name of the spatula fits so well, it is really magic! The Fred Batterfinger spatula has a fun name and a very unique shape.

A Rubber Spatula Finger

This is the most adorable little rubber spatula that you can add to your kitchen gadget collection. The rubber blade is molded to look like a finder – Thus the name Batterfinger!

It is perfect for reaching in and getting the last bit of food out of a jar. It is even a wonderful rubber spatula for helping you and your family through their peanut butter phase. In addition, this great little scraper that will add a bit of whimsy to your dull kitchen utensil holder. Or, if you are a bossy chief, you can use the finger on the spatula to point directions to your cooking assistants…

Wood Handle Suggestion

You may find this rubber spatula with a wooden handle a little too short, at just 10-inches long. But for shallow jars and bowls you can’t find a funner way to stir things up in your kitchen. And if you have little chiefs in training, the small scale of this spatula is just perfect.

The only thing the Spatula Mart crew recommends is that you lightly sand the wood and apply some oil the handle to seal the moisture out for future washings. This practice is not uncommon for those who use good wooden spoons in the kitchen. Just a little extra effort on this little rubber spatula will add years to your batterfinger tool. In fact the more you use this little spatula, the more you will proudly hold up its spatula finger as your #1 gadget…

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