4 Super Jar Cleaning Silicone Spoon Spatulas

4 Super Jar Cleaning Silicone Spoon Spatulas

Get out every last drop with a silicone spoon spatula

Every cook wants the get the best value from every jar, so with a jar scraping spoon spatula you can access every last drop of mayonnaise, peanut butter and more from these tight places! The following Jar Spoons can be a cooks best bet for get the food out. These 4 kitchen tools are the silicone spatulas we have picked for their scraping and prodding ability. Many know these tools as spoon spatulas because of the spoon-like shape to the blade. Whatever they are called, they are good to the last drop!

Joseph Joseph Spatula

Joseph Joseph silicone Jar Spatula The first suggestion is an odd looking spoon spatula with an unusual name: The Joseph Joseph Elevate Jar Spoon  features an innovative counter-balanced handle with a foot that prevents the silicone spatula head from touching worktop surfaces. This keeps the mess off the counter, saving clean-up time.

The Silicone head is heat resistant up to 520-degrees Fahrenheit so it will have no problem in the dishwasher.  The Joseph Joseph design if very modernistic and the compact size makes it ideal for getting into jars of sauce, chutney or jam and removing the all of the remaining contents.

Chef’N Switchit Flex Spatula

Chef'N Switchit Silicone SpatulaThe Chef’N Switchit Flex Thin Spatula is perfect for getting the edges of the jar clean and spooning out every bit of the mix for the bottom of the bowl. In addition to its work in a jar this flexible silicone spatula is perfect for sauteing shrimp and vegetables or pan-frying pot stickers.   The dual sided spatula was designed for many uses around the kitchen because it is ultra thin and has very flexible edges to slide easily around and underneath foods.

The Chef’N Switchit silicone spatula is heat and stain-resistant and is safe for nonstick surfaces. This is a great kitchen tool and makes our list of 4 super jar cleaning spatulas.

OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula

OXO Jar Spatula
The OXO Good Grips Silicone Jar Spatula is perfectly shaped to reach for food into jars of all shapes and sizes. The long, narrow, flexible Spatula reaches bottom edges and under the rim with great ease.

The head of this silicone spatula will not discolor like traditional rubber spatula spoons do. The OXO jar spatula can be used with hot bakeware without fear of melting, because the silicone is heat resistant and safe to use at over 500-degrees. The smooth surfaces of the silicone head makes it safe for coated or non-stick cookware. OXO’s Good Grips handles are famous for their cushioned handle that is soft to the touch and non-slip as you cook, stir or scrape.

Le Creuset Spoon Spatula

Le Creuset Spoon SpatulaWe love the old-school look and feel of the Le Creuset Silicone Large Spatula Spoon.All Le Creuset Silicone utensils are heat resistant to 480 degrees F and will not scratch or damage cookware. The large 11-1/5 by 2-4/5 by 2-4/5 inches spatula can cleanly scrape both flat and curved surfaces of any jar or bowl.

It has an extra large silicone head that makes this a very efficient spatula during mixing. The blade is completely food-safe, non-porous, and stain-resistant. The ergonomic-shaped wood handle has a hole for hanging storage and makes the Le Creuset design very attractive for display.

Jar Spatula Spoons

It is hard to select just one of these four great kitchen tools, so why not make a plan to purchase one of these during the next 4-months as a gift to yourself.  Just remember that when you can get every last drop out of each and every jar, you can indeed pay for your spatula splurge

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