Hot Stuff Silicone Spatula – Sizzling Valentine Gift

Hot Stuff Silicone Spatula – Sizzling Valentine Gift

Stir up the heat with a Valentine spatula

Hot Stuff Silicone Spatula

Spatulart silicone spatula

This Valentines Day give a Tovolo Spatulart Hot Stuff Silicone Spatula that features a silicone head with a red-orange background and a whimsical hot pepper design printed with the text ‘Hot Stuff’.  Tell your special valentine that they are Hot Stuff with this fun spatula.

This Valentine spatula will make a great gift for the cook in your life and it will never fade or discolor. Liven up your kitchen with tools that not only look great, but that are built to last.

Well designed silicone spatula 

This silicone spatula is heat resistant up to 600 degrees and the silicone head is curved on one side and flat on the other to fit more bowls and pans, The edges are tapered to a sharp point to scrap bowl and pan sides clean, yet with completely smooth surface to allow even spreading of icings for that Valentine day cake.

The  wooden handle feels great in the hand and will surely make your Valentine want to stir-up something special for a reward…


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