Spatula Love in the Kitchen this Valentines Day!

Spatula Love in the Kitchen this Valentines Day!

Stir up some romance with a heart spatula and heart shaped kitchen tools.

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Heart spatula for valentines dayPassionate cooks know that love is expressed in the kitchen. This valentines day, have a heart-shaped theme in all that you cook-up around the house. You can do this by starting with the spatula and then moving on to many other “heartfelt” kitchen gadgets.

The DCI Heart Spatula is just one of a few silicone spatulas that will make turning food much easier, even in a hot pan. This valentines day start by turning up the heat in the kitchen with this fun kitchen tool…!!!

Kitchen gadgets with a heart…

The valentine spatula is just the start of the fun that you can create on this special day. Next, add several fun and unique Heart-shaped kitchen tools to your shopping cart. There are tools that will allow you to make heart-shaped pancakes or cupcakes. There are heart mixing bowl sets and spoons that are carved like a heart. You will fall in love with a set of heart measuring cups, a cutting board or a wire whisk that is heart shaped – All and will make Valentines day special.

Heart shaped measuring cupsHeart shaped cutting boardHeart shaped wire whisk

Spatula Mart for Valentine Shopping

As your Flippin’ and Mixin’ source on the internet, we are proud to include many of these great heart shaped items in our markets. When you click on any of the heart shaped images on this page, you will be directed to additional information on these kitchen tools. Or you can purchase your valentine through the following links: DCI Heart Measuring-Cups, 4-Piece and Out of the Woods of Oregon Heart 11-by-11-Inch Cutting Board and DCI Heart Whisk with Silicone Coated Wires

Valentines Day is not far off, so get ready to heat things up this year by adding these fun heart shaped spatulas and other kitchen gadgets to your collection. You deserve more love in the kitchen this year!

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