What is a Fish Spatula?

Everyone who loves fish should own a fish spatula

Flip Turner spatula shopping The spatula is often under-appreciated in the kitchen, but the fish spatula will earn your appreciation the first time you use it to turn a fish.

Fish spatula fingers

The long finger-like design of the fish spatula blade has been favored by professional chefs for many years and every kitchen should have one of the kitchen tools. The stainless-steel flexible fingers slide neatly under the fish without breaking delicate flesh, while the slots allow the cooking oil or other liquids to drain easily back into the pan.

Like a pancake flipper only cooler

The fish spatulas is an elongated version of the standard pancake flipper, so it can also be used for many other baking purposes as well. You can use the fish spatula whenever there is a need to slide a flipper under an item and drain off the liquids. Once you own one of these cool kitchen tools you will find many uses for its flexible finger-blades. We have seen the fish spatula be used to move fresh-baked pastries to a cooling rack from a hot oven. You might also will find the flexible, yet strong springing action of this spatula great for loosening sticky items for a baking pan.

Look for a well made fish spatula

A well-designed spatula has a blade with rounded corners that is strong enough for scraping up sticky food, but with enough flexibility to slide between the delicate fish and any cooking surface. The best spatula for cooking fish has a slight upward bend to the blade and a thin leading edge for digging under flaky fish.

As you shop our fish spatula markets at Spatula Mart you will find many tools to choose from. Some cooks prefer the blades of the spatula to be long and very flexible, while others find shorter more sturdy blades a better fit for their cooking style. Regardless of your needs you will find your next fish spatula here.


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