What is an Offset Spatula?

Flip Turner spatula shopping The offset is the magic of this spatula

The common spatula is great for many kitchen tasks, from scraping the batter out of a mixing bowl to stirring some eggs in your nonstick cooking pan. Your spatula may be made from a variety of materials, but today most spatulas are made from silicone rather than traditional rubber spatulas, due to the good heat resistance. There is one exception to this trend and it is called the offset spatula – Offset spatulas has been a standard kitchen tool for bakers and professional cooks for years.

Just what is an offset spatula? Like many other spatulas that use a metal blade to turn the food, the offset has a steel blade as well. The difference is the bend in the metal, which is why it’s called “offset.” The offset bend is placed just as the steel heads up to the handle.

offset spatulaOffset spatula benefits

Why would this bent offset be desirable? You can imagine the difficulty of sliding a regular flat spatula under a pancake on a crowded griddle at the restaurant or attempting to turn a hamburger within a packed cooking pan. The offset lets you slip under food from ether side or from the front without disturbing the other items. In cake decorating the offset spatula makes it very easy to spread batter around evenly and smoothly without the need for odd angles. The blade offset also keeps the cook or bakers hands clear from coming in contact with hot pans or nicely smoothed frosting.

Construction of the Offset Spatula

Offset spatulas are usually have a long bladed paddle at one end. The come in many widths and lengths. The narrow offset tools use a blade that is blunt, not sharp, and are used for spreading frosting or pushing batter into an even layer in a cake pan.  A frying offset spatula uses a much wider blade for flipping or turning items in a hot pan. The wider tools are handy because they have a large surface area that comes in contact with food, etc.

Every Cook needs an offset

Even if the offset spatula has been seen as a “professional’s tool” in the past, we recommend that you bring one of these great kitchen tools into your home. Once you use these great spatulas you will come back for many more…

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