What is a Pizza Spatula

This spatula is really a Pizza Peel

Flip Turner spatula shopping There is a tendency to call any tool that slips under food for the purpose of turning or flipping, a spatula. In most cases this is true, but not for pizza baking – It is called a Peel…

At spatula mart we allow you to call it a pizza spatula or a pizza peel, but you should understand that these kitchen tools don’t do much flipping or turning!

A pizza peel has a large shovel-like blade that makes it easier to slide loaves of bread, pizzas, pastries, or other baked goods into and out of a hot oven.

Pizza spatula / peel design

The traditional pizza peel is usually made of wood, with a flat carrying surface for holding the baked goods and a handle extending out from one side of that surface. These handles can be very long, if the depth of the oven requires it. The confusion between spatula and peel can probably be traced to the fact that some of these tools use a metal blade instead of wood. Ether way these spatula styled paddles use a wood handle to cut down on the heat transfer from working within a very hot oven.
Pizza Peel and pizza spatula

Food transfer spatula

Transferring  breads, pastries and pizza into an oven using a large spatula blade protects the food from any deforming that can occur from hand placement. A pizza peel can also provide food delivery further back into an oven without baking the cooks arm. For this reason many use an offset spatula / pizza peel to help keep the hands even further from the hot racks or stones. But to get a crisp, well-done pizza crust, you need to have some way of transferring the pie onto extremely hot surfaces without any intervening pan. Plus it is really cool to slip your pizza off the spatula blade as a way of impressing friends with your baking skills.

Professional pizza peels

Many professional bakers choose extremely long handled peels with heavy-duty, rounded metal heads to easy shuffling their pies (they cook several at a time) from a safe distance. These Pros generally like a rounded spatula blade on their peel so that they can work with pizzas in all corners of the oven through a very small doorway. This is very true in traditional wood-fired ovens.

Home-style pizza spatulas

Not everyone has a fancy pizza oven, so a home cook bakes in a single small oven or on a small grill. Cooking one item at a time allows the home cook to approach the pizza head-on, so a square-headed peel makes the sliding under the pie much easier. Most of the metal peels for home use are made with wooden handles and offset stainless steel blades. This metal designed tool allows you to use the spatula to also lift cakes, rolls and cookies from cooking sheets or pans.

Peel or Spatula?

Call it a spatula, or call it a peel –¬† All we ask is that you treat yourself to one of these fun baking tools from your Spatula Mart catalog!



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