The Wooden Spatula from Mexico – Pala de Madera

The Wooden Spatula from Mexico – Pala de Madera

A wooden spatula used in Mexico

Wooden spatula called the Pala De MaderaThis wood flat paddle spatula is ideal for stirring up your next pot of Mexican soup or flipping the extra-large tortilla right off the grill. This wooden tool is more of a mixing spatula than a flipper.

The extra-long handle of this wooden spatula and spoon combo will ensure that you can stir in large pots without burning yourself with steam. This is a naturally colored paddle without any staining that ensure no chemicals enter your food. It has a smooth finish which will not splinter – it will last you for years!

Wooden Spatula Value

This impressive Pala De Madera / Wood Spatula Spoon Paddle is exclusively designed and produced to better meet the needs surrounding Mexican cooking. These wood spatulas are a great value so in the beginning you may not believe that an affordable priced spatula could be a quality kitchen tool. But this Pala De Madera is simply an exceptional value found in a low priced tool. You must try one of these spatulas to really see how many different ways that you can use it in your kitchen.

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